SeattleRegister.com is made up regional locals and area transplants with a passion for reporting any news which truly matters.

Brian White – Editor
Raised in Edmonds and raising a family in Auburn, Brian White has been a news writer for over 10 years and has been active in civic politics for years.

Tim Jones – Sr. Contributor
Washington native with an amazing wit and his finger on the pulse of business and parenting issues like few others. Tim is a massive Mariner’s fan and even goes as far as to live on an island. An ISLAND? Who does that? Washingtonians, I guess.

Dexter Sinistri – Contributor
Mostly a cynical jackass, Sinistri prides himself on being left of right. He’s worked primarily in politics. A Snohomish County native, Sinistri thinks globally and acts wherever he’s able.

Maggie Murphy – Contributor
Murphy lives in SeaTac and was active in the raging minimum wage issue of 2013. She still lives in SeaTac with her family and works on a variety of stories for us.

Badlands Bob van der Valk – Soon to be Contributor
Bob hasn’t joined us yet, but I’m confident this former resident of Issaquah will grace us with his insights on the fuel industry as well as all his other musings.

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