The Jreat Gif Pronunciation Juhbate

There controversy over the pronunciation of the file type “.gif” is hotly contested, but there can only be one right answer.

Don’t ask Jeff, Geoff, Gary, Gerald, Jason, George or Jorge, but their anecdotal life experience means nothing to this debate.

There are no giraffes in Jurassic park, but you can buy a toy gun in the gift shop.

When Compuserve engineers invented the .gif file type, a small, animated image file, they made it clear exactly how it is meant to be pronounced. Well, not right away, but within a mere generation and a half.

Revisionist history, perhaps, but more importantly, this video drills right down to the definitive answer, as only a 4K Glossy News podcast truly can.

Giff, Jiff, Gary, Gerry or Geraldo?

This is an excerpt from my upcoming pocast, 4K Glossy News Review – Comedy, Lifestyle & Technology. The Podcast debuts July 27th, 2015 in resolution all the way up to 4K. Please subscribe to my channel.

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