4K Glossy News Review Weekly Podcast Celebrates 1-week Anniversary

Last week the Glossy News podcast launched and the results have been whelming.

Not exactly overwhelming, but whelming nonetheless. Under, I think is the prefix I’m looking for.

If you’re looking for heaven on earth, this thing is hell on wheels, except that it has no wheels, as it’s a podcast, though one offered in stunning 4K resolution.

And by “stunning” I should clarify that I mean it passes for 4K, however marginally.

This week’s topics include:

1 – The ugly truth about Popeye the Sailor Man and friends.

2 – Review of an awesome comedy (of the Awe-Com genre, I believe) called Larry Gaye: Renegade Male Flight Attendant. Spoiler alert, you should definitely watch it.

3 – The correct pronunciation of .GIF is discussed and the answer may surprise you, both in its determination and its absolute certainty.

4 – Movie producer Jason Daniel from Monologue a Day stops by to share insights and generally be awesome.

5 – A new religion promises luxury foods while incarcerated, and it’s totally, scrotally legit.

6 – More reasons Netflix sucks.

7 – And the question is finally answered as to what truly is the best friend of humanity

All this and slightly more in the podcast.

Available on iTunes

Available HERE on iTunes

Watch the full podcast

4K Glossy News Review – Comedy, Lifestyle & Technology by Brian K. White: Satire Guru, Part Time News Man, Bi-polar Bear. A new podcast every Sunday night in Hi-Def resolution all the way up to 4K. (Pretty please subscribe to my channel).

Or listen to the audio version

Or you can download it for later (by right-clicking and selecting “save as”.)

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